RABONIAK MOBILIER DESIGN designs and produces a line of handcrafted French furniture which can be seen in our showroom located in the Marseille antiques & design district.

The line, built in our workshop in Marseille, is unapologetically modern but executed in materials and utilizing methods associated with older levels of craftsmanship.

Trained by the best French carpentry schools, RABONIAK MOBILIER DESIGN team has built its own identity based on elegance, purity and quality of execution.


Historically established on its knolw-how in carpentry, RABONIAK MOBILIER DESIGN is also specialised in high-end interior design creations for professionals and individuals.

Working in many different types of wood, tempered glass, corian to cite a few exemples, RABONIAK MOBILIER DESIGN fashions sophisticated pieces using high-end woodworking and nonferrous metal techniques.