Modular Shelving Bookcase by RABONIAK

You create your own decor for your interior:

You choose the number of modules you need,

                     the type of wood you like,

                     your favorite color within our range

the number of doors & drawers you need

We make it specifically for you in our workshoop


Modular Shelving Bookcase B01

Laminate HPL

Shown in solid oak oiled

h.220 x L.50 x p.34 / h.86,6 x L.19,6 x p.13,38″

Also available in : Mapple, Ash, Cherry tree, Walnut

Many Colours combinations HPL

Drawers  h.26x L.46 x p.34 cm / h.10,2 x L.18,1 x p.13,38″

Doors  h.55 x L.46 cm / h.21,6 x L.18,1″