Located in the south east of France, RABONIAK MOBILIER DESIGN manufactures and edites contemporary furniture in limited editions as well as unique pieces.
Our “handmade” creations are manufactured in our workshop, according to our inspiration or to our customers’ wishes.

They strike a perfect balance between innovation, dynamism of a young and creative team and the requirements of traditional craftsmanship.
Trained in French carpentry schools, RABONIAK MOBILIER DESIGN has built its own identity based on elegance, purity and quality of execution.
Our approach is both pragmatic and timeless; the technique and durable materials we use aim for a minimalist yet emotional design.
Historically established on its knoLw-how in carpentry, RABONIAK MOBILIER DESIGN is also specialised in high-end interior design creations for professionals and individuals.
The key to our success resides in the knowledge of materials and the mastery of each step of their transformation.
We are designers, we are craftsmen and we are available to put our creative skills at your service.